Problems? Your computer may refuse to show anything other than an empty box. If so, and you are using Windows 7 as the webmaster does, fixing the problem is most simple. Print the image you will come to here & follow the few instructions. In other browsers I presume that you would follow the same approach i.e. get to the 'Java' program on your computer & fix the security level.

Of course you do need to install 'Java' to be able to see it. Easily done! It installs quickly & it is free. Just click on 'Free Java Download' here.

Now isn't this interesting! Or at least it used to be! For reasons unknown to the webmaster this animated image does not work properly any more when it used to work perfectly.

The webmaster knows nothing about creating animations & does not even know who created the fine animation that appears above. To get the result on this page, all the webmaster did was fill in the background of each animation frame with black & slightly reduce its size. That was to permit a 'gif' image to be used in combination with the 'Lake' applet and to permit the 'Lake' version to show reasonably well. Without the size adjustment, the 'Lake' animation had more apparent  pauses & was much less even. I think, however, that I may be overloading David Griffiths' applet by using such a large animated image.

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