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I do hope that you will forgive my showing Mt. Rushmore 'flooded' like this, courtesy of the 'Lake' applet. It is totally illogical, I know!. There is no such water at Mt. Rushmore with the giant figures cut into the top of a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota. But the fine image inspired me to create a vision reminiscent of the gigantic carved images at Abu Simbel in upper Egypt. The temple of Abu Simbel used to be on the banks of the Nile until it was threatened by the rising waters behind the Aswan Dam. The temple was not lost for ever, however. Rather it was cut up into small pieces & stunningly re-erected on higher ground overlooking Lake Nasser. I found this fine Mt. Rushmore image at the long gone '' site but have no idea whose image it is.

Visitors will enjoy the following fine copyrighted image of Abu Simbel, courtesy of Martin Taylor of the U.K. Now as this site must move to a new location, in Sep. 2009, the old link no longer operates. It is possible that this site, however, currently shows many of his images. BUT...I cannot see there any images of Abu Simbel & believe that in the past there were many.

If you wish to learn more about Abu Simbel, I invite you to visit this & subsequent pages. I have assembled a lot of data & imagery which you might enjoy.

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