Problems? Your computer may refuse to show anything other than an empty box. If so, and you are using Windows 7 as the webmaster does, fixing the problem is most simple. Print the image you will come to here & follow the few instructions. In other browsers I presume that you would follow the same approach i.e. get to the 'Java' program on your computer & fix the security level.

Of course you do need to install 'Java' to be able to see it. Easily done! It installs quickly & it is free. Just click on 'Free Java Download' here.

The webmaster liked the image that he saw on the website. But for 'Lake Applet' display purposes, he 'doubled up' by putting the same aircraft twice in the above image. I hope you like the result. As this site must move to a new location in 2009, the original image seems no longer to be available. But there are a great many aircraft images, indeed, available via that link. The aircraft is a World War I Sopwith Pup fighter.

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