There is something about the Chrysler PT Cruiser that stimulated great public interest ~ and a great many web sites devoted to the general subject. I too was intrigued by the design & appearance of the automobile, perhaps remembering the early Volvo models & the autos of the 1930s. So I have tried to find, with limited success, images of a quality that I could use with the Lake Applet. I expected to find a variety of wallpapers featuring the vehicle but the pickings were slim indeed. So I was especially pleased to find Jerry Frye's PT Cruiser 'screensaver' here which while not quite suitable for my purpose contributed the basic image which, mirrored, appears above. I do hope that you like the result.

My initial attempt at this page included in this spot a rotating PT cruiser animation displayed as an animated 'Lake' image. Jerry Frye created it in three sizes and here was his biggest version. But I am overloading the page so I have put the animated image on its own separate page which I invite you to visit. Thanks, Jerry, for both efforts & for your permission to display them in these pages!

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