I am always happy to find quality images suitable for the 'underwater' facility of the Lake Applet. So I am pleased to present a fine 'underwater' image, appearing here with the kind permission of nature photographer Ronald Lang of Pasching, near Linz, Austria. Ronald specializes in underwater images taken in the Austrian lakes & rivers ~ taken mostly with natural lighting & just the addition of a low power 'dive light'. He used to have his own website, but as this site must move to a new location, in 2009, I cannot find it any more.

The fish? To Ronald it is a 'Hecht'. In the English language we would call it a pike, I do believe. The image was taken, I am advised, in a lake named 'Pichlingersee' near the city Linz in Upper Austria.

A fine image. Taken with an Olympus C-920 digital camera. We thank you, Ronald!

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