What a superb image! It is the copyrighted work of photographer Uwe Steinmueller & was taken at Miami Beach, Florida, with a Nikon D1 camera. I saw the image, way back in 2001/1, on the splendid Nikon D1 Users site, which site seems no longer to exist as this site must move to a new location in 2009. The fine original image that was used above is available here.

Currently based in California, Uwe & Bettina Steinmueller have their own website available here & you are invited to drop by. They also have their own digital photography site Digital Outback Photo. On that site, amongst the large number of images, Uwe has another stunning image of a bird in flight, this time a bald eagle. Search for 'Uwe Steinmueller' in Google and you will find an amazing number of links. Uwe, thank you so much for your kind permission to present your image here.

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