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A lovely Mar. 1999 image of a mourning dove, the copyrighted image of Mark C. Cassino. (I used to be able to let you see the original image on Mark's site but cannot do so today) Need I say it again? Mark has a simply splendid nature website which you are invited to visit. Thank you Mark!

Here is Mark's original image.

Seeing this image reminds me of a bird none of us alive (or at least very very few of us) today have ever seen - the passenger pigeon. Now THE site to visit on the subject of Passenger Pigeons is right here - a splendid site with paintings, photographs, historical accounts & lots, lots more. But for those interested in the subject, I also refer you to a data page on this total site. It includes an article the Webmaster wrote a few years ago & some fine images that you would enjoy. Do drop by!

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