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A superb copyrighted image brought to you with the kind consent of Delaware photographer Barry Balderson. Barry specialises in landscape photography. A number of his images can be seen here. His fine original image used to be on a 'Barry Balderson' page on that same total site, but the page seems no longer to exist.

When this page was first created, in about 2000, Barry's 9 year old called this page 'way cool'. It is indeed. Barry tells me that the picture itself was taken at Richland Balsam, the highest point (6053 feet above sea level) on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. The balsam trees for which the area is named were apparently being wiped out by a sap-sucking wooly aphid insect introduced into the U.S. from Europe in the last century. Barry hopes this image will endure after the trees are, alas, all gone.

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