The second splendid lizard head image on site ~ anyone would think the Webmaster loves lizards! Not particularly so! Just fine images. And black & white images are always especially welcome.

This image is the copyrighted work of photographer Carrie Horvath of Winnetka, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. It was a 'Photo of the Day' winner in Oct. 2000 on the then 'DigitalPhotoContest' site. The original image, taken with a Nikon CP990 camera was entitled 'Reptile 960'. Thank you, Carrie, for your kind permission.

Carrie won numerous awards for her work. In 2009, as this site must move to a new location, I found an archive of her works here. Enter Carrie Horvath in the box at bottom right. But the particular image used above is not available. She used to have an archive elsewhere of approximately 1200 images. However did she find the time!

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