Problems? Your computer may refuse to show anything other than an empty box. If so, and you are using Windows 7 as the webmaster does, fixing the problem is most simple. Print the image you will come to here & follow the few instructions. In other browsers I presume that you would follow the same approach i.e. get to the 'Java' program on your computer & fix the security level.

Of course you do need to install 'Java' to be able to see it. Easily done! It installs quickly & it is free. Just click on 'Free Java Download' here.

I have to admit that the above image is NOT the perfect image for use with the Lake Applet. But I was so astonished when I first saw it that I had to try to use it.

Why was I astonished? Because the above image, is just a part of an artwork created almost 500 years ago ~ in 1503 ~ by one of the world's great masters, German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). I have featured perhaps his most well known artwork in the Art Puzzle Section of this site & I refer you to the bottom of that page for some background data. The painting, a watercolour & gouache on paper & 41 x 32 cm. in size, is in the Graphische Sammlung Albertina, in Vienna. You may see the complete painting entitled 'The Large Turf' on many WWW sites including the Paris WebMuseum site.

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