An early site visitor kindly pointed out in his guestbook entry a glaring 'deficiency' in this site as it then was ~ that it contained no pictures of black labrador retrievers. Since reading 'Nike's' comments in Jul. 2000, I have searched & searched. I did find one image, & while Nike liked it, he pointed out that the puppy did not have a tennis ball in its mouth. I apologize for that oversight!

Here I present another image of a black labrador retriever. Actually, black labs are very difficult indeed to photograph, which explains the rarity of fine black labrador images (with or without a tennis ball). And I do not know for sure where this image came from. I thought I knew but I am clearly wrong. Further I have no means to locate the photographer whose brilliant work it is. I gladly offer to that photographer to remove the image from the site should that be your wish. But I hope that you too might like the result & permit it to continue to grace these pages. And if anyone has a fine image of a black labrador doing an Roger Federer impersonation, I would love to hear from you! Airborne catching a tennis ball, would be just marvellous. Nike would be so pleased.

In my search for images of black labradors, I came across an image which you would like to see, I know. It was used, I learn, as a poster image by the Humane Society in Canada, courtesy of Baltimore photographer Ken Mezger. And here is a wonderful site through which you can purchase postage stamps featuring dog images. Just click here. Enjoy!

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