I have long regretted that images from the orient are so few in these pages. I hope that somewhere there might be, if only I knew exactly where, a site similar in quality and content to that of Carol Gerten-Jackson ~ a site that might specialise in Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Islamic & other artwork that for lack of a better word I will collectively call 'oriental'. If that is an inappropriate word in any way, do please correct me.

Now a great many oriental images feature calligraphy and that is difficult with the 'Lake' applet. Reflected words are VERY distracting to the eye in a Lake applet, or at least in most cases they are. But here we feature an image which does not distract my eye - but perhaps a Japanese visitor might not agree? The work, first published in 1857, is by Japanese artist Utagawa (Andő) Hiroshige (1797-1858). Entitled 'Ohashi Bridge - Sudden Shower near Atake', it is from 'One Hundred Views of Famous Places in and around Edo'. Edo is today's Tokyo, I learn. The work (14 1/4 x 8 5/8 in.) is a woodblock print, so presumably many copies were printed, perhaps 200 in number. The source of Carol Gerten-Jackson's image is unknown to me.

As a young man, the artist apprenticed in the studio of Utagawa Toyohiro. And in 1812, he took his teacher's name, a sign of graduation, I understand, signing his work thereafter Utagawa Hiroshige. A prolific artist, Hiroshige produced about 8,000 works in his lifetime. This image is one of a small number of works by Japanese artists on Carol Gerten's Fine Art website and the original image can be seen via the link above. Due to screen limitations, I cannot show the thunderous black sky at the top of the work. I really wish that I could. So do look at the image on Carol's site (link above) or see it here, for a very different rendition indeed. You will find here some interesting biographical information about the artist. For additional information, Artcyclopedia has many links to galleries and sites that feature Hiroshige's work.

I used to be able to direct you to an image of the artist, but the site is no longer & I cannot find another.

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