Like so many people around the world, the webmaster rarely misses watching a Formula 1 race on television. They are always sporting events of the very highest calibre & drama. And amongst the very greatest drivers is, or I now should say was, Mika Häkkinen of Finland, Formula 1 World Champion in 1998 & 1999 driving for the West McLaren Mercedes team. Here he is seen driving his McLaren in a Formula 1 event in 1999.

I do hope that you like this superb image shown with the 'Lake' applet. I found the image on the '' site. While they seem to wish no links to pages or images on their site, I presume that an invitation to visit their front door would be acceptable. But, as this site must move to a new location, in 2009, the image seems no longer to be available. It was, when this page was created, on the 4th 'Car' page of that site.

In passing, you would enjoy seeing, I know, the Mark Brewer image of Martin Brundle 'parking his Jordan' at Melbourne in 1996! You can view it through this page. Wow! And I did find a lovely group picture which included Mika Häkkinen (left to right, David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher, Bernie Ecclestone, Mika & Rubens Barrichello), taken at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2000. The site where I found that image stated that they did not own the copyright so I reproduce the image here. But, I will gladly remove it from this page at the request of the copyright holder (& similarly re the 'Lake' image whose true origin is also unknown). And I learn that Finland issued a 3.00 FIM postage stamp in Mika's honour on Jan. 15, 1999 to celebrate his 1998 Formula 1 world championship. I had no idea what such a stamp page is worth until one sold on e-Bay on Feb. 27, 2002 for U.S. $3.77. Plus shipping, of course. Enjoy! You can admire it here for free!

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