Having travelled to Africa and seen giraffes in the wild, the webmaster was especially pleased to find this very lovely image. You see lots of giraffes throughout the parks in Africa, but giraffes, the webmaster quickly learned, are very difficult indeed to photograph well!

This delightful giraffe image, a sunset image no less, is the copyrighted work of Eleanore Avery, & used to appear in the galleries section of '', a long gone site, which was based in South Africa, & devoted to nature imagery & most especially African images. Eleanore is, I learn, an amateur photographer who lives in Dallas, Texas, & has travelled extensively in Africa. There are many sites about Eleanore Avery, & many of them feature her award winning photography. Here is just one of those many sites.

Eleanore, we thank you for your kind permission to feature this image on these pages!

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