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This wonderful image of a Galah originates from Brad Martin, a parrot breeder from Kilkenny, near Adelaide in South Australia. Brad is (or was many years ago), the moderator of the ringneck-list which, if you are interested in parrots, you can join by clicking  here. Brad, also many years ago, used to have his own website,  but was then changing his Internet Service Provider. Today, in 2009 as this site must move to a new location, I cannot locate a replacement site. So maybe there is no such site today.

What is a 'galah', I hear you ask? It is the name used in Australia for a 'Rosebreasted Cockatoo', a common species of cockatoo found throughout most of the sub-continent.

Now many years ago, I came across the following image of a baby galah. It was part of a page of images, I recall, I think on one of the photo sites. But I cannot remember where I found it. Can anybody help? I do hope the photographer does not object to it appearing without specific permission here.

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