Visitors to the site will think that I am a frog enthusiast! Well, "Yes" and "No"! I am really just an enthusiast for superb images. And frogs seem to make wonderful subjects for display with the "Lake" applet.

This gorgeous copyrighted image of Green Tree Frogs (Litoria chloris) is courtesy of Carol Buchanan, an Australian natural history photographer who specialises in underwater images. You can visit Carol's "" image listings here and her "photocritique" image listings right here. (for Photocritique Go to List by Photographers, Last Name B, then BUCHANAN, CAROL).

And here is another, more recent image of the same frogs. I learn that these particular frogs congregate late on warm nights to mate. Hence Carol's title of that last image ~ "Bring on the Girls"! A link on that last URL brought me to a page with lots more of Carol's images all of which are, I understand, available for purchase.

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