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I can see why so many people around the world become fascinated by 'fractals'. The image above appears on Arend Nijdam's 'Fractal Flower Garden' website. Intrigued by the name of the site, I was rewarded by this beautiful 'Golden Tree' fractal created using the Fractal Explorer program. I urge you to see the complete original image on Arend Nijdam's website. We thank you, Arend, for permitting use of your fractal here. Arend calls himself an oldtimer (1949 model). But this webmaster has a few years headstart on Arend.

I learn that there is a webring devoted to fractals & when this page was first created I commented that there were over 100 sites. It would seem that there must be far more than that number today, in 2009. You can explore the sites on that ring  here. I tried to learn for my own interest what a 'fractal' is and a definition of the term can be found under the image on this page.

This image makes a very fine jigsaw puzzle. I see that Arend has set up a page of jigsaw puzzles and his jigsaw puzzle using the above image, can be found here.

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