I do hope you like this image of feluccas on the River Nile. A lovely image, indeed.

I found the image on e-Bay a while back, part of a large number of images from an early 20th century travel book, that was for sale. Having travelled to Egypt, I found the 'textured' image & the subject matter to be of great appeal. The book, the listing said, was published by the Travelogue Bureau, & all photographs were said to date to prior to 1908. It sold in Feb. 2002, for a quite modest price.

As visitors to this site may already know, the Webmaster adds interesting images generally related to the page in question. And often creates extra pages for especially interesting subjects. I will, in due course, create such extra pages for Egypt & for the city of Cairo. Today, there are many pages on site, re Abu Simbel with the first page available here. And other pages, later added re Egypt will be available through this Special Pages Index.

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