What a splendid image! The above is another copyrighted work of artist 'Audre'. While her earlier image on this site was traditional, this is one of her amazing digital art images. A dramatic image indeed, but one which works surprisingly well with the 'Lake' applet.

The original image is enormous in size & I had to reduce it to fit this page. You used to be able to see the full size original image, created using a number of programs including Poser. But that old location, indeed Audre's own website, seems no longer to be available as this site must move to a new location in 2009. There used to be an earlier incarnation of the image in her 'strange' section ~ Audre's choice of word not mine! Thank you again, Audre, for your invitation to feature this beautiful work on these pages.

Her old banner follows. Shown here for its visual interest. But no longer a link to her site.

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