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One of the sites that photographers would enjoy visiting is 'Steve's DigiCams' site. The quality of the digital images displayed there is really quite amazing. Digital cameras have come a long way in the last year or so, it would seem. The image which graces this page was a Mar. 2001 'Photo of the Day' winner on that site & what a beautiful image it is! It is really NOT the perfect image for use with the Lake Applet since the reflection is not too logical. But I am sure that visitors will enjoy the result, be it logical or not.

The image is the copyrighted work of German photographer Bernhard Loewe & appears here with his kind permission. His original image used to be available on his own site, but as this site must move in 2009, his site is no longer operative. You can see examples of his work here however. Bernhard entitled his image, taken with a Canon G1 camera, 'Little Lion'. The dog was a beautiful 3 year old female named 'Maja'. Glad to know you Maja!

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