The above image is the copyrighted work of photographer Charlie Brown of Arvada, near Denver, Colorado, USA. This particular image, taken with a Sony DSC-F505V camera, was a winner on the then '' site. When this page was created, back in 2001, Charlie's archive of images  numbered an amazing 234 images, all 'Photo of the Day' winners. The original image, also such a winner (in May 2001) is entitled 'Forbidden Forest'. Charlie told me it was taken in Yellowstone National Park on a cold but beautiful October morning. It appears here with Charlie's kind permission. Charlie, thank you so much.

I learned back then that Charlie has become a specialist in the techniques of taking digital panoramas & that there was a special site where a great variety of his panoramas could be both viewed & purchased. But in 2009, as this site must move to a new location, I cannot find that site again. There are 'Charlie Brown' sites indeed, but I am not sure if they are for the correct photographer.

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