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This wonderful image of a dead tree at Mt. Painter, just 7 km from Canberra, Australia, appears here courtesy of photographer Cameron Fletcher who was, when this page was first created, with The Australian National University.

Some years ago, the Webmaster visited Flinders Ranges, an area north of Adelaide noted for its spectacular desert scenery and particularly for Wilpena Pound, a natural formation that looks like a meteor impact crater. Late in the day he arrived at the entrance to Wilpena Pound, where there was a tree very similar to that shown in this image. The tree was full of rose-breasted cockatoos (or galahs as they are known in Australia). The scene was breathtaking in the soft warm evening light. Alas our photographs did not do the scene justice. Cameron tells me that both galahs and sulfur-crested cockatoos favour such trees. To see a tree covered with these birds in the evening is, he tells me, not unusual in Australia.

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