A fine image indeed, of photogenic cows at Gran Sasso, in Central Italy, taken in 2000. It is the copyrighted work of French photographer Guillaume Dargaud & appears here with his kind permission. His splendid site has images from all over the world, many of them climbing images. You can visit his site here.

Guillaume has made many of his images available as wallpapers. The image that graces this page is also available as a wallpaper via this page. If you enjoy superb images, do be sure to visit his site. And when you do, do not miss the wonderful page of images of his marriage to Jennifer Mariani on Jun. 20, 2000. Now Guillaume says that anyone who is not family would find little of interest on that page. Absolutely not so! The page is of a quality for others to try to emulate ~ splendid images, well laid out & beautifully presented with text in three languages. It is a most delightful page & will bring pleasure even to a total stranger. You'll love the images of the castle reception room & the penguin cake! Guillaume and Jennifer, we thank you both for being able to share your special day!

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