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A timeless camel caravan image that appears here with the express approval of photographer Wolfgang Drung. I have said before, in these pages, that the 'Lake' applet is particularly beautiful when applied to 'atmospheric' images - in this case to a Saharan camel caravan in a sandstorm.

The image was taken in Niger, West Africa. Wolfgang commented 'The reason why I travel there (to the Sahara) is simply a passion for the desert. It's one of the last regions where you can go and do what you want, being free from most regulations, only nature rules. I don't take photos to document my travels, I take the camera only when I am moved or impressed by something.'

We thank you, Wolfgang! In 2009, as this site must move to a new location, you can see a prize winning example of Wolfgang's work here & many more of his images are here.

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