Back in 2000/1, I described this image as being 'digital art of the new bridge between Denmark & Sweden.' It is the copyrighted work of photographer Dr. Frank Forquignon & was taken using a Nikon D1 camera. Frank's image used to be on the Nikon D1 Users site, which site seems, in 2009, no longer to be in operation. I am unable, as this site must move to a new location, to direct you to the original image used above. 

Dr. Forquignon hails from Laboe, Germany, near Kiel on the Baltic coast. Back in 2000/1, re maintained extensive photographic (and medical) websites in both English & German versions. I cannot spot those sites in 2009, however there are many links to his name. Frank did himself, many years ago, use this particular image with the 'Anfy' Lake Applet. He kindly consented to the use of his superb image here.

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