I used this image in my slider puzzle pages and noted there that I like to provide biographical details about the artist for each image I feature. In this case, the data I can provide will be very limited. I do NOT know the name of the artist and know nothing therefore about this particular work. All I can tell you is that I found this splendid image, without an artist name or other means of identification, on what used to be  the Portugese 'Misc Wallpapers' site. (but no longer). The image itself, as I saw it, is right here.

Again, as I noted on the puzzle page, my knowledge of art is, alas, extremely limited and I do not have the knowledge to identify the artist by style or other means. I would be happy, if the artist's name can indeed be established, to remove the image from this site at such artist's request. But I hope that it might be possible to continue to use the fine image here because it looks good with the 'Lake' applet.

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