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An extraordinary image of an "anhinga" (Anhinga anhinga). Not familiar with the bird? It is a quite common bird, I learn, in its range from Florida & the southern U.S. through to Mexico. It is like a cormorant & of about the same size. It is often seen perched on a snag or tree limb drying its wings. A fish eater, it swims very deep in the water with just its head & neck exposed, earning the common name of 'Snakebird'. This splendid copyrighted image, taken at the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge at Sanibel Island, Florida, is courtesy of photographer Qiang Li whose 'photocritique' site features 38 of his fine images. We thank you Qiang Li!

The anhinga does not normally range anywhere near Canada & is not generally found much further north than Tennessee. But in the summer of 2000, on July 16th, a specimen was spotted at the Delaware Sportsmen's Club marsh just west of London, Ontario & birders arrived en masse to add the rare (in Canada) bird to their lifetime lists. It would seem that the anhinga was not seen at the marsh after roughly Sep. 15/17, 2000. Pete Read advised on Sep. 18, 2000 that it was last seen on Friday, Sep. 15, 2000 & I was unable to find definitive later information.

I found another fine anhinga image which photographer Cindy Marple, I am sure, would invite you to see.

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