Axel Fontaine Slider Puzzle Text file

Puzzle 2.1 by Axel Fontaine 1998 This is my first java applet! Feel free to use it as you wish! It takes one parameter called IMAGE0 which is the file name or URL of the image you want to use. Development history: 1.0 : Initial release 1.1 : Added support for an additional second parameter called JUMPTO which is the URL where you would want the user to be redirected to once he/she completes the puzzle. ex.: <PARAM NAME="JUMPTO" VALUE="Congratulations.html"> In this case Congratulations.html will be loaded in the browser once the puzzle is completed. Added support for an image at any URL. (previously restricted to an image in the same directory as Puzzle.class) 2.0 : Added support for multiple images (animation) ex.: <PARAM NAME="IMAGE0" VALUE="im0.gif"> <PARAM NAME="IMAGE1" VALUE="im1.gif"> <PARAM NAME="IMAGE2" VALUE="im2.gif"> <PARAM NAME="IMAGE3" VALUE="im3.gif"> <PARAM NAME="IMAGE4" VALUE="im4.gif"> This will load 5 images. They will be animated. <PARAM NAME="DELAY" VALUE="50"> This optional parameter specifies the delay (in ms) between 2 consecutive images. By default this is 200. Much better way of shuffling pieces ! (Puzzle can now always be solved !) 2.1 : Added support for a different number of pieces (4,9,16,25,36,49,64,81 or 100) ex.: <PARAM NAME="NUMPIECES" VALUE="5"> This will create 25 (5 x 5) pieces. Known issues: The applets kinda hangs at Loading images if an image isn't found. It is distributed under the GNU GPL ( to find a copy). It is provided "as is" with no warranty of any kind. I may not be held liable for any damage this software caused. Thanks to: Shari (Bionic Woman) and the others for the suggestion about the number of pieces. My dad for the suggestion of using animation. Joe Donnalley for the suggestion of the Jump To URL when the puzzle is completed. Carla Chan for pointing out a mistake in this file and for the suggestion of using swapping instead of random positioning of the pieces. (This way the Puzzle can always be solved !) Enjoy. Tell me what you think about it! If you are not familiar with the use of applets, you might wanna read the following, just to get you started... Instructions on how to get it to work: Create a new directory. Copy the .class file in it. Copy any .gif or .jpg image you want in there too. Create a text file with the following content: <p> Here is the output of the applet:<BR> <BR> <APPLET CODE="Puzzle.class" HEIGHT=TheHeightYouWant WIDTH=TheWidthYouWant> <PARAM NAME="IMAGE0" VALUE="YourImageFileName"> </APPLET> <p> Replace TheHeightYouWant by the height you want the applet to have on your page. Replace TheWidthYouWant by the width you want the applet to have on your page. I recommend using the height of the image, but this is not a requirement. Ex: <APPLET CODE="Puzzle.class" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=150> Replace YourImageFileName with the name of the image you copied in the directory. Ex. <PARAM NAME="IMAGE0" VALUE="MYIMAGE.JPG"> Save the file. Open it in netscape (or any other java-enabled browser). That's it ! Have fun !